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I’ve been passionate about computers since I got to work with one at the age of 12. Back in 1998, it fascinated me how a few keystrokes could produce documents, images and you could play interesting, concept based video games. While I started with all of the basic and fun stuff, by the age of 14 I was storing my school work on floppy disks and shared it digitally with friends. By 16 I had chosen C,C++ as the optional subject at school and at 18 I decided to pursue my Bachelors in Engineering in a field that offered a sweet blend of Electronics and Computer Science – Instrumentation Technology. Got my first job in 2008 with one of the biggest IT services companies in the world – Tata Consultancy Services and our client was America Online where I found the opportunity to familiarize myself with many technologies and truly understand the power of data. We implemented many analytics projects that would produce actionable information for businesses to function and thrive. My interest in the field of Data Analytics has only grown manifold since then.


When we're not chasing the fall foliage - I like to ..
Spending Time With Family
Learning Something New.
Listening To Music.
Writing Code.


12 years of experience in the Data Analytics space. I've been fortunate enough to have found some amazing mentors and worked with unbelievably bright engineers along the way. Have learnt alot and worked in different countries. Fun Fact: North America is the 4th Continent where I'm working!
2008 - 2012 : Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, IN
2012 - 2015: ETL Specialist at Nedbank, Johannesburg, SA
2015 - 2017: Sr. Software Developer at Ingenico, Amsterdam, NL
2017 - 2018: Sr. BI Consultant at Bank Of America, Toronto, CA
2018 - 2019 : Lead ETL Engineer at Scotiabank, Toronto, CA
2019 - Present : Sr. DW Engineer at Empire Life, Toronto, CA


I studied in the Silicon Valley of India! Well, about 70 Km from it - at one of the oldest Engineering schools in the country!
Bachelor Of Engineering, Siddaganga Institute Of Technology, Tumkur, Karanataka, India

Instrumentation Technology, 2004-2008

I am Good at

ETL Pipelines

Specialise in ETL tools like Ab Initio, Pentaho, Talend and DataStage. I bring a decade of experience building real-time and batch applications for customers across domains such as Banking and Finance, E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment.


Proficient with python. Mainly use it to write generic cloud utility code for data ingestion and analysis.

Data Warehousing

This is another area where I specialise, have clear understanding of data warehousing concepts having implemented them for various clients over the years.

Linux/Unix And Shell Scripting

Very comfortable with the Linux/Unix OS and shell scripting, have worked with various flavours of Linux and Unix my entire career. Feel right at home in front of the black screen.

Cloud Platforms

Proficient on the two leading cloud platforms - AWS and GCP. Specialise in designing and implementing cloud based solutions, advising migration strategies from on-prem to cloud and implementing PoCs to evaluate cloud services across the spectrum.


SQL is another one of my strong points, it goes without saying that professionals in the data analytics field would be more than acquainted with the ever so useful structured query language.

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